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I-PEX Products Line-up to Add High Values on New Product Development of Customers Through I-PEX global sales network, I-PEX support customers’ R&D sites and ....
RF Coaxial Connectors
RF Coaxial connectors are commonly referred to as "RF" connectors, although most connector styles can be used at microwave frequencies.
Used to join two incompatible connector interfaces. In Series Adapters have two different interfaces within the same connector series, while Between Series adapters....
Cable Assembly
Our knowledge of connectors gives us the engineering expertise to provide high quality cable assemblies with competitive price for your project. Any connector witht....
Coaxial Cable
The coaxial cable major manufactures of radio, television, radar, navigation aids, fire control, aircraft, shipbuilding, underwater sound, WIFI Antennas and many other type.....
Hwayaotek's has developed and manufactured many WLAN/WiFi antenna, GSM Antenna and GPS Antenna For custom-built antennas, we are ready to discuss ...
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